Naked Giants offer up energy and power at El Club

By DJ Tom
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It has taken me 10 days to come down from this concert. I will try to put into words what I experienced on this night. I really doubt I can.

I saw Naked Giants last September at the Majestic Theatre opening for Car Seat Headrest. With their ENERGY, they worked a room that size (1,200) with ease. When I saw the headlining tour for them announced last October, I COULD NOT WAIT to experience that ENERGY & POWER packed into a room the size of the El Club (300).

Once the band broke into their Sunday-night set on Feb. 10, that ELECTRICITY became quickly evident. It was like lighting off BOTTLE ROCKETS in the house – a thought that makes me smile. I enjoyed it even further, knowing that in a few nights, they would be playing Madison Square Garden with Interpol.

Naked Giants tear through their set at El Club. Photos by Dan Schoenherr

What happened in the El Club that night was Naked Giants tore through their set, using their second-nature instincts as musicians and friends, resulting in what is known as an ON NIGHT. The energy exchange between the band and the audience was very HIGH, which fed the fire, and was enjoyed by everyone who was lucky enough to experience it.

The band introduced some AWESOME new material, “Regular Guy” and “Walk of Doom.” Also, one tune I didnʼt catch the title of, seemed to cut new ground for the Naked Giants. A dreamier, pretty song, particularly catching me by the ear, making this photographer stop shooting and put his camera down and get caught up. This left me really looking forward to their next album release.

Pyramids and YA-YA were, as always, totally BOMBASTIC!!! Of course the centerpiece of the set this tour was “Green Fuzz” a staple of Naked Giantsʼ live shows, and the awesome new 10” vinyl the band released Jan. 25.

I would have to say, with an incredible stick twirling 4+ minute drum solo by Henry LaVallee, Green Fuzz was definitely the show stopper here. Along with Grant Mullen on lead guitar and Gianni Aeillo on bass, you have three front men in one POWER TRIO — three unique outstanding musicians that SERIOUSLY JAM but never take themselves too SERIOUSLY. Rocking HARD and always FUN, Naked Giants are a band I will ALWAYS go see and if you havenʼt seen them yet I highly suggest you do!!!

If there ever was a “band to watch,” THIS IS A BAND TO WATCH!!! Watch them get bigger and bigger and bigger.

After the show Grant came up to me and told me “It was a very special night” for the BAND! Indeed, it was special for ALL OF US! When the audience can see a band has a BLAST playing with and off each other—it makes for a night that has taken me 10 days to come down from this concert.

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